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A new category in outdoor living is born

Designer, eco-sustainable wooden mobile homes: the E-Motion Wooden House.
The passion for outdoor life – a form of vacationing that is becoming increasingly popular today – means the quest for emotions. The wooden mobile homes created in collaboration with designer Carlo Rustighi are rightly named after the word EMOTION. Because they are created to foster the user’s emotional experience with their superior design and the feeling they exude of being in complete harmony with the environment. And this key word contains another important concept within it: MOTION. Because the philosophy of movement embodies the idea of freedom. Creativity, dreams are not static but they move together with the person experiencing them. Motion as the opposite of “rooted”, as the desire not to modify the context hosting us but rather to respectfully leave it unchanged once we move on. The E-Motion Wooden House is for outdoor tourist accommodation facilities what Design Hotels are for the hotel sector: the answer to the desires of a new type of traveler who is not willing to give up design quality - not even in the midst of nature. Why settle for a traditional bungalow when you can have a living area that can grant extra pleasure and wellness to its inhabitant?

Integrating within the territory without transforming it or leaving traces

Technologies with zero-impact on the ecosphere. Human and environmental wellness as priorities for a living experience, even if temporary. This is what has inspired the creation of the E-Motion Wooden House. Respect for the setting and for natural resources, attention to CO2 emissions, to the recovery and recycling of materials, to the bio-ecological nature of the interiors and their wholesomeness and comfort. A concrete example of Italian Green Economy. The ability to welcome and accommodate is the nucleus of the project and the wood, certified and with eco-compatible features, is the key material. The ambiences do not require painting; they are easy to clean and equipped to maximize comfort and energy savings. The construction solutions are adaptable to different environmental conditions; they feature excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing and are made to last. These are homes designed so that, when they are removed, the environment hosting them can return exactly as it was before they were set there. A form of respect for nature that extends also to the concept of harmonious integration between construction and landscape. The houses come in natural colors and are customizable for the best chromatic harmony with the place of destination. A project that unites the principles of bioclimatic design, bio-ecology and reduced consumption.

An innovative idea is a shared idea

Cadore is a company specialized in the creation of furnishings for the home and for tourist accommodation facilities. Environmental compatibility is embedded in its DNA, together with an artisan conceptual approach to production in terms of care for details, passion for the materials used and personalization of the service offered. Its consolidated experience in the field of contracting, where it works side by side with the most prestigious experts in the field, and the development of its commitment on sustainability have naturally flowed together in this project with which it intends creating an entirely new category, projected towards the future. E-Motion Wooden House is not just a product but a new way to live your free time spent in nature, intended to revolutionize the world of outdoor vacationing. An idea that has attracted qualified and prestigious partners along the way, leaders in their respective fields who have joined Cadore to make their proposal more coherent with newly emerging lifestyles, where every element is an integral part of a broader context. E-Motion Wooden House is in partnership with:
Kartell – furnishing accessories,
Laufen – bathroom furnishings,
Piazzetta – stoves and fireplaces,
Corà – wood supply.